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"Dawson City" Written by Steve Charles,


Arranged by Viper Central

Chris Suen- Vocals, Banjo

Kathleen Nisbet -Vocals, Fiddle

Mark Vaughan- Tenor Guitar

Joseph Lubinsky-Mast - Vocals, Upright Bass

Steve Charles- Vocals, Guitar

Video shot and produced by Tim J McLeod

We found a beautiful location in the DTES of Vancouver BC to shoot 'The Mission', by Viper Central. 'The Mission' is Viper Central's first single from their upcoming 2015 feature full length album.  Video and sound by Anchor Guitars


Viper Central performs Thump & Howl at Anchor Guitar Studio in Vancouver, BC.  Thump & Howl is the story of The Chicken Coop in South Vancouver, where Mac and Irene McGregor hosted Country Music jams and concerts every weekend in the 50's.  Story has it that Loretta Lynn was discovered here.

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