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 New Year's Eve Waltz  

A song for the new year!  Have a laugh, shed a tear and raise a glass for the hour, it's not too late...


Download available on Bandcamp

or stream from all the usual places...

Video directed by Hank Pine

Choreography by Melody Mangler


Starring: Melody Mangler, Shreddz, Ravenous Randy

Band: Kathleen Nisbet, Steve Charles, Mark Vaughan, Chris Suen, Chris Davis, Joseph Lubinsky-Mast


Dancers: Nikki Rei Athena,  Katrina Teitz, Mandukhai Batbayar, Isaac Rosen-Purcell, Dom Kinisky, Jennifer Garton-Hamer, Jack Garton, André Bessette, Perelandra Waddle, Tanessa McGladdery, Jozy, Jodie Ponto, Paul Woodward, Kat Single-Dain, Mark Shepherd, Karen and Irwan Kurnaedy

DOP: Darryl Ahye

Second Camera: Shawn Muys

Make Up: Liz McLeod

Magical Organizational Wizardry: Laura Byrnes

Thank you: Danielle Piche, Paul Oppers, The Wise Hall, Jasmine Lidell, Ira Jordison


Special Thanks to Creative BC, Amplify BC and Govt. of British Columbia for supporting this project

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